Greg Outlaw – Continued

I knew He had a purpose for my life when I first accepted Jesus Christ so long ago. I began to pray telling God that no matter how much time I had left on this earth, all I wanted to do was devote each and every day of it to serving Him.

In early 2000, I went into the hospital again and they began talking about putting me in a hospice-type situation. They assigned me to my second pain management clinic where the doctor prescribed morphine in pills and liquid. I was placed on TPN (total parenteral nutrition) where I was fed intravenously from home each night as I studied God’s Word and tried to sleep.

At this same time, our internet-based company was on the verge of being sold 4 times during the year 2000 for millions of dollars. Having become content with the idea of being terminally ill and dying in 4 to 5 years, I began to pray that the money from the sale would be provided so that my wife would be taken care of financially in the future. But each and every time, the proposed sale and/or assignment of my stock would fall through at the 11th hour, leading to disappointment again.

By March of 2001, I was taking 300mg of morphine a day and my life was slipping away. My wife and I were very disconnected and I felt I had no one but God. One Sunday at church, my wife suggested that I attend Saddleback’s Examine the Evidence class entitled “Creation vs. Evolution.” My wife knew I had always been an avid researcher and student with a passion for science. I had questions reconciling the biblical account of creation with the “supposed” scientific account of evolution. After two hours of hearing the hard evidence being explained to me mathematically on just how absolutely impossible it is to even get to the first cell using the evolutionary process, I felt God’s calling to volunteer my web marketing and positioning services to the ministry’s website free of charge. Ironically, this was at a time in my life when we were dirt poor and had no money for our bills, but I chose to put the Kingdom of God first! My wife thought I was nuts and believed that my pain medication had clouded my logical reasoning skills. In reality, it was the Holy Spirit!

Meanwhile, I was getting increasingly uncomfortable with some of the business decisions being made at the internet company. As a result, in May of 2001, I left the company and relinquished my investment of six years of hard work! I made a decision to depend on God’s power instead of my own; to lead every aspect of my life with God in mind first, regardless of the possible outcome.

After making the most difficult decision in my life, I suddenly noticed that my pain was totally gone. I began to wean myself off of morphine rather fast – 2.5 weeks, which my pain management doctor told me was impossible at the dosage I had been taking for so long.

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